The NEOSLING came from your need to carry our H2O4K9 bottles.  

The most common question after purchasing our first H2O4K9 bottle was,

'Can you create something I can use to carry your bottle?'

So we were off again to look at everything out there that people used to carry their bottles.  

There were many products available, but none satisfied all the characteristics we were looking for:  

Insulating  |  Adjustable  |  Stylish  |  Comfortable

We decided to use our design principles in making a bottle holder that people would really like.

It also had us looking at our branding, as this product would not be only for dog bottles.

We needed a brand that could be easily recognized, and identified the solution;

a hands free solution to carry a re-usable bottle in comfort and style.

So with our second product, also came our second brand.