We created the K9 UNIT based on a call from an Army Airborne Ranger K9 Handler who had seen our website and was interested in our bottles for his K9 partner Benno and other military working dogs. Benno is no longer with us, but his inspiration lives on.

From that call, we started testing and receiving feedback from Military Handlers, Police K9, and Search & Rescue teams stationed all around the world. 

This is the highest level of premium dog water bottles from H2O4K9 Inc.

Unlike any other dog water bottle on the market, the K9 Unit was engineered for Military, Search & Rescue and Law Enforcement K9 handler use, and has been field tested by K9 handlers worldwide.

Mission Critical Elements:

  • Simple and Efficient - It had to be quick and easy to use, and allow unused water to be poured back into the container.

  • Sound Dampening - The bottle needed to be used silently, no banging around.

  • Impact Resistant - We needed to ensure that these bottles could take the harsh working conditions that would be encountered during the most rugged use.

  • Insulating - The materials needed to protect the water from environmental conditions, keeping it at a comfortable temperature for the dogs.